5 Ways Public Safety Testers Can Benefit from SeeHawk® Central

In-building public safety communications are critical—and the need for efficient testing and approvals is growing. Each year thousands of buildings require testing to ensure reliable coverage for P25 public safety radio systems and other critical communications technologies.

That’s why we’ve continued to develop new industry-leading testing solutions, including the SeeHawk® Central automated workflow management platform.

If you’re a public safety tester or system integrator, here are five ways you can utilize SeeHawk® Central’s unlimited cloud-based user logins to save time, improve efficiency, and manage your business:

  1. Plan Tests Efficiently. Use your top RF resources to configure test plans in the office and reuse them for multiple projects while test kits stay in the field.
  2. Manage Test Schedules. Store unlimited building and BDA data and create automated due date and schedule reminders for annual re-testing.
  3. Engage Local Officials. Submit and receive approvals of test plans and final results when you invite public safety officials to create a free account.
  4. Drive Business Growth. Raise your visibility in the industry, manage larger teams with workflows, and leverage data to identify opportunities and reach adjacent markets.
  5. Accelerate BDA Commissioning. Our test kit’s new automated BDA commissioning test option benefits from the same planning and approvals process as grid-based coverage testing.

Contact us now for a demonstration. Free trials are available for a limited time, so act quickly.

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