Bentley – Concealed Antenna System for Satellite Radio

Bentley, an OEM customer for many years, requires high performing and reliable antennas for seamless connectivity.


  • Need for high performing antennas
  • Due to car design objectives, antennas had to be completely concealed
  • Antennas for tracking, positioning, infotainment, telephone, satellite radio Sirius/XM (US market)
  • Bentley required a specialist development partner to fulfill their connectivity needs


  • PCTEL has developed concealed/embedded antenna solutions in close collaboration with Bentley since 2004
  • In order to optimize connectivity performance and cost, PCTEL has taken an active part as development partner. This includes placement of antennas, resulting in implementing the antennas in dashboard, boot lid, inner lining roof top and car windows
  • PCTEL develops and delivers concealed antennas in 2G/3G/4G 698-960/1710-2690MHz) combined with GNSS and Sirius/XM antennas

Today, we supply antennas to all Bentley models.

(C) Photo courtesy of Bentley.

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