In Case of Emergency: Verifying Your Building’s Public Safety Communications Coverage

Building owners and managers face new requirements for providing public safety communications radio coverage amidst a complex convergence of new technologies.

Are you positive your building’s network coverage is working, reliable and compliant with your local jurisdiction’s requirements? How can you be sure your properties are prepared in case of emergency and can support the communication needs of first responders?

These are some of the questions today’s building owners and managers are facing as public safety communications deal with a complex convergence of new technologies and new requirements to provide proof of in-building coverage from authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs).

In this article originally published in Connected Real Estate Magazine, you’ll learn about:

  • In-building public safety network coverage requirements
  • Challenges to ensuring compliance
  • The grid-based public safety network testing process
  • How to reduce your testing and reporting time by more than 50%

Read on for answers from PCTEL’s David Adams.

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