Smart Metering – AMR (Automated Meter Reading)

PCTEL has designed and developed antennas for the AMR segment since 2008 and has delivered millions of antennas for rollouts of smart meters. Today, we are the market leader in antenna solutions for Smart Metering in the Nordics.


  • The Nordics has been in the forefront of smart electricity metering since roll-outs commenced in Finland and Sweden in 2006.
  • 99% of homes in Sweden have smart meters installed
  • In the current roll-out in Norway, We’re delivering a major share of antennas
  • Denmark has the highest investment in the world in smart grids per capita and a reputation as a leader in research and innovation in the field of smart grids


  • We have a long-term experience from the different needs within AMR
  • Our broad product portfolio of standard products for AMR covers most scenarios
  • For unique customer demands, we can quickly adapt our existing products, or develop completely new customized solutions
  • Our customers today include some of the most technically advanced companies in this area, such as Aidon and Kamstrup

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