Public Safety Network Testing Solution

Efficient in-building coverage verification for P25, LTE/FirstNet, TETRA, Analog LMR, and other first responder radio systems

Many jurisdictions require building owners to verify public safety network coverage in order to acquire or maintain occupancy permits. Public safety network testing must satisfy stringent requirements.

PCTEL’s Public Safety Network Testing Solution combines SeeHawk® Touch software and the IBflex® scanning receiver to simplify the test planning and data collection process.  The Solution’s in-building grid-based testing tool automatically generates reports that conform to most common public safety coverage requirements, as specified by NFPA and IFC standards.

Now available with P25 and LTE/FirstNet signal quality measurements, including P25 SINR, BER, Frame BER, and Network ID.

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“We did the coverage testing in about 25% of the time planned. […] It really has changed the way we do business.”

—Jason Chambers, Service Manager – Day Wireless Systems

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Use Cases


Streamline the testing process of testing and determining compliance based upon auto-generated reports.

Building Code Compliance

Building owners can verify compliance with public safety network coverage and quality requirements.

System Integration

Field engineers gain accurate measurements and easy-to-use reports to verify and tune designs

Grid Testing

Testing service organizations can quickly and efficiently test buildings and auto-generate reports based upon accurate scanner measurements.


“In order to be truly successful and fully engaged in providing the best DAS service to our customers, we had to invest in the best tools and software. We did our research and it was the best decision we made. We can’t be happier.”

—Scott Umemoto, Director of Strategic Technologies – Day Wireless Systems


Floor Reports

Floor Reports with pass/fail results can be generated real-time during walk testing.


Building Reports

Building Reports summarize results over all floors for a single channel or all channels. PCTEL’s Solution offers pre-configured report formats for common public safety coverage and signal quality requirements, as specified by NFPA and IFC standards.


Published Reports

Reports can be formatted in Microsoft Word, which may reduce the time it takes to gain approval of building occupancy permits.

Solution Components

PCTEL’s Public Safety Network Testing Solution kits include the following:

  • SeeHawk Touch data collection software with Indoor Walk and Grid Test modes, plus Signal Analyzer
    • Optional: Outdoor Drive Test and Antenna Verification modes
  • IBflex® scanning receiver
    • Measures channel power (RSSI) for radio technologies across all public safety bands (140-990 MHz) and cellular bands (10-3800 MHz).
    • Optional: P25 and cellular signal decode.
  • SAMSUNG Android™ Tablet*
  • Accessories:
    • IBflex battery pack with 2 batteries
    • charger
    • backpack
    • 2 indoor antennas
    • data cable
    • carrying case

* The kit can be purchased without a tablet.

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Want to learn how to automate your public safety testing for in-building communications?

We’ll show you how to replace manual testing processes with an efficient, automated method for verifying building compliance with public safety network coverage requirements.

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