In-Building and Enterprise Wireless Solutions


The need for high-performing in-building and enterprise wireless networks has never been greater. Large venues like stadiums and airports must adapt to support heavy traffic. Even smaller businesses depend on wireless communications to remain competitive. Between high consumer expectations, a need for fast communication between employees, and industry-specific applications for the Internet of Things (IoT), companies in industries ranging from retail to healthcare to education face a growing demand to design and deploy their own wireless networks. Additionally, regulatory agencies worldwide are requiring companies to improve public safety networks, especially indoors. These needs can be met by a mix of enterprise Wi-Fi access points, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), bi-directional amplifiers, and small cells. Attention to total system performance is essential for in-building networks to achieve their performance goals.


We are experts in enterprise-grade Wi-Fi systems, including 802.11ac and 802.11ax technologies. PCTEL designs and manufactures custom embedded and external Wi-Fi antennas. We offer Wi-Fi access point and antenna array design, radio integration, validation, and testing capabilities for our antenna customers. PCTEL is also a leading designer of DAS and small cell infrastructure antennas for both indoor and outdoor installations, with a variety of low profile and multi-band antenna models to serve a wide range of deployment needs. Our SeeGull® flex scanning receivers and SeeHawk® software provide complete and reliable test data for small cell and DAS networks. The IBflex® scanning receiver is designed specifically for in-building network testing. No matter the size or location of your enterprise, you can trust PCTEL to maximize your network’s performance.