All-In-One Edge™ Sensor

Ultimate flexibility in a single rugged housing

  • Integrated sensor and antenna platform for high performance
  • Ability to connect and report multiple external sensors
  • Ruggedized platform IP67 rated
  • Ability to connect to power and battery backup on board along with external sensor powering capability
  • Pick and choose on-board and external sensors
  • Ability to read from multiple on-board sensors
  • Customizable application and firmware
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The All-In-One Edge Sensor is a highly customized solution that combines two of PCTEL’s top platforms in a single rugged housing. Customers can choose their radio connectivity between LoRa, cellular and Bluetooth as well as select on-board and external sensors which have the ability to transport the data to the business viewing application of their choice. Using PCTEL’s core antenna platform within the Edge Sensor allows customers to reliably reduce the number of units deployed in the field. Customers can select not only the radio technology, but also the specific sensors needed based on the application, whether it is a new greenfield deployment or transforming existing wired sensors to low-cost, easy-to-maintain wireless technology.

Model Number

  • WSE-2462
  • Smart utilities
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Industrial process automation

Need a rugged IoT solution with multiple radio connectivity and sensor options?

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