Heavy Duty Flexible Antennas

Elevated feed point

  • Maximum installation flexibility – Ground plane independent design
  • Rugged – Heavy-duty, flexible radome design absorbs shock impact; UV-stable polyurethane housing withstands severe weather conditions
  • High performance – Wideband coverage without added field tuning
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These heavy duty mobile antennas feature a rugged, flexible design that provides long lasting performance and reliability under very extreme environmental conditions. They are particularly suited for vehicular installations exposed to extreme temperatures and high vibration conditions.

Model Numbers:

  • PCTP430
  • PCTP450
  • PCTP915
  • PCTP2425
  • Vehicular installations exposed to extreme temperatures and high vibration conditions:
  • Construction trucks
  • Agriculture tractors
  • Mining vehicles
Distributor Region PCTEL Part Number Distributor Part Number Available Action
PCTP2425 PCTP2425 5 Buy
PCTP915 PCTP915 4 Buy
PCTP450 546591 0 View
PCTP915 523736 0 View
PCTP/4GLTE 72164155 0 View

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