Low Profile High Performance GPS Antennas

Ideal RF system interoperability for fleet management and asset tracking

  • High performance — Industry leading out-of-band rejection performance; 26 dB or high gain 35dB gain options
  • Minimal visibility — Due to low-profile housing
  • Rugged — Durable housing; ESD protection
  • Ease of installation — Permanent through hole design with slotted jam nut
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For fleet management and asset tracking applications requiring a low-profile and compact footprint, this permanent mount antenna platform offers two high gain antenna options and outstanding out-of-band rejection performance. Ideal for RF system interoperability when installed along other RF radiators.

Model Numbers:

  • 3226MSMA
  • 3235MSMA
  • Fleet management
  • Asset tracking
Distributor Region PCTEL Part Number Distributor Part Number Available Action
3226MSMA 3226MSMA 14 Buy
3226MSMA 3226MSMA 0 View
3226MSMA 74193169 0 View
3226MSMA 3226MSMA 0 View
3226MSMA 3226MSMA 0 View

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