Silhouette Low Profile Transit Antennas

Low profile antennas for transit installations

  • Rugged – High-impact, molded ASA radome assures long, reliable performance and protection against the elements
  • High Performance – When mounted on a flat surface, maximum radiation is vertical and omnidirectional
  • Wideband coverage – requires no field tuning
  • Low-profile – For minimum exposure to theft or vandalism
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These low-profile, multiband antennas are designed for essential transit vehicle installations requiring overhead clearance. They provide wideband coverage of specific frequencies with no field tuning required, and are housed in a high impact molded ASA radome for long-lasting performance under severe environmental conditions.

Model Numbers:

  • ASPB574
  • ASP572
  • ASP772
  • ASPB572
  • ASPC572
  • ASP931
  • ASPG931
  • Buses
  • Fire-fighting engines
  • Railroad equipment
  • Airport service vehicles
  • Construction equipment
Distributor Region PCTEL Part Number Distributor Part Number Available Action
ASP931 35012 124 Buy
ASP572 22300 68 Buy
ASPB574 47479 57 Buy
ASPC572 ASPC572 50 Buy
ASPG931 ASPG931 50 Buy
ASP772 87845 49 Buy
ASPC572 9000010939 48 Buy
ASP931 ASP931 45 Buy
ASP572 ASP572 44 Buy
ASP772 ASP772 20 Buy
ASPB574 9000010872 13 Buy
ASPB574 ASPB574 9 Buy
ASPC572 99086 0 View
ASPG931 411510 0 View

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