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January 01, 2021

Dear Partner

Smarteq is today a world-class provider of antennas for different kinds of connectivity solutions in vehicles of all sorts, energy applications such as smart meters and charging stations, and the emerging industry applications for Industry 4.0. Currently, we see a considerable increase in business coming from the continuous rollout of smart meters worldwide. With our antennas, we secure not only a reliable connection but also substantial operational cost savings. In line with the electric vehicle boom, the demands of antennas for chargers are taking off. For the last few years, Smarteq has supplied a range of solutions to leading charging stations outfits, and we are prepared both technology-wise and in terms of capacity to meet the future increase in demand. For off-road vehicles, there is considerable interest in robust and reliable antennas. Together with Actia, we are well-positioned for this development. When entering as CEO for Smarteq, I could see a potentially remarkable year with an exciting business where we can make a difference and help our customers become even more competitive in their markets. Leading a team with great people, we not only have fun at work, but we also aim to perform in every aspect of the relation with you as a partner. Our aim is always to have great partnerships with our customers, sales partners, and suppliers, and I sincerely hope that this is also what you perceive in your contacts with us. If you have any feedback regarding what we could do better or differently, please send me an email to goran.sandstrom@pctel.com. On behalf of the whole Smarteq team, I would like to thank you for the collaboration between our companies and wish you continuous success. Göran Sandström  

Product Updates

Miniblade: Smarteq’s popular antenna family SmartBlade has now been updated to a smaller size called MiniBlade! This antenna is a perfect fit for Wifi 2.4/5GHz, Wifi 6, and 5G MIMO applications where a quick installation is needed in a limited space. Applications such as charging stations, local Wifi mesh systems, wireless broadband in various vehicle and smart city installations. Mounted by means of adhesive tape on non-conductive surfaces. Coming in Q3 – more info to come. AllDisc 4xWiFi: Smarteq’s popular antenna AllDisc family is now offered with 4 x WiFi! The AllDisc is an omnidirectional hole-mounted antenna Wifi 2.4/5GHz to be used in “Internet on board” applications, such as busses where high throughput and coverage are needed. Robust and suited for public installations in sports arenas/ shopping malls and on/in vehicles. Mount on metal or non–conductive surfaces such as plastic. LPCA10: Smarteq’s multiplatform antenna LPCA is now offered with TETRA applications – LPCA10! LPCA10 is a low-profile rugged/durable antenna for TETRA applications operating at 380-410MHz. The antenna platform can also be combined with other antenna options such as GNSS in LPCA10. Perfect match for busses, ambulances and fire brigade where high reliability and performance is of great importance. Mount on metal or non–conductive surfaces such as plastic.  

A growing company

After previously acting as Smarteq’s VP in Sales and Marketing, the Smarteq team is thrilled to have Göran Sandström as its new CEO! With his extensive knowledge in the industry and encouraging leadership, we are confident in Göran’s capabilities of leading Smarteq towards the growth it is facing ahead. Also joining us as we went into 2021 is Christine Valenzuela. Christine will provide additional support to the finance and sales team, ensuring that our partners and customers always get the help they need. New 3D Printer A key part of Smarteq’s success is our highly skilled engineering team. To further equip for the growth we are facing, Smarteq has acquired a new 3D printer to heighten the capabilities of the team. Through fast prototyping, Smarteq ensures that it is able to meet new demands and continue being a reliable partner and provider.  

The Hannover fair #HM21

We will be exhibiting at the virtual Hannover fair on April 12-16. We will have a digital booth with lots of information on our products and the possibility to have meetings with us directly online. If you would like a free eTicket, click here — more info in the coming days.
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