Smarteq launches a unique antenna for RF 444 MHz and Wireless M-Bus

April 17, 2019

Smarteq has in record time developed a new, most likely unique antenna for the Swedish utility Jämtkraft. "This antenna is a joint venture between Jämtkraft and Smarteq for collecting multi data from electricity- and water meters. The new single antenna design is more visibly appealing and cost efficient" says Morgan Gimbergsson at Jämtkraft. This combination antenna has specifically been designed for connecting water meters by Wireless M-Bus to smart electricity meters, which in turn connects to a concentrator by RF Mesh 444 MHz. The concentration hub thereafter, connects to the central server via GSM/LTE. The LP4487 is available for purchase at any Smarteq distributor. For more information, please contact Göran Sandström, VP Sales and Marketing +46 (0)732 34 48 85
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